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1.jpg Join the SSR Owners Club!

If you're the owner of one of our sunrooms, solariums, or conservatories please register and join our owners club! You'll receive many benefits and you'll be helping us serve you better. 4.jpg

We've been manufacturing all types of sunspaces for over 30 years and throughout that time many things have changed. Things like our computer systems and databases, dealers and contractors have come and gone; original sunspace owners have sold their homes, etc. In an effort to keep our database of current owners up t3.jpgo date we politely request that you join our owners club. We will never share this information with anyone outside of our company.

Benefits of joining our SSR Owners Club:

  • Receive periodical emails with specials on new glass types, shades, and many ot2.jpgher products related to sunroom living. 
  • Receive a 10% discount on all products purchased from our customer service department. 
  • Helpful tips on maintenance, growing, cleaning, how to enjoy your sunspace even more.
  • Receive notices when we establish a new Sunshine Rooms' dealer in your area.
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